Medium, Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Fleet Electrification

8. Make electric buses, trucks and off-road vehicles more affordable

Tax credits and rebates are needed to lower the upfront cost of zero-emission buses, trucks and off-road vehicles. In addition, more should be done to offset the costs of electrical upgrades associated with the specific charging infrastructure these types of vehicles need.

9. Work across jurisdictions to accelerate electric transit and school bus adoption

Continue to provide predictable and long-term funding to municipalities, transit agencies and school bus operators that plan to convert their entire fleet to electric vehicles. Funding should help cover the cost of the electric buses themselves, their charging infrastructure, and any grid upgrades needed to support them.

10. Electrify vehicle fleets in ports, airports and similar federal facilities

Phase out fossil-fuel vehicles at federally regulated properties, such as ports and airports, through a combination of tolls on polluting vehicles, restrictions on access for polluting trucks, and through support for charging infrastructure.

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