Domestic EV Jobs and Manufacturing Capacity

23. Support and attract EV-related business and investment in Canada

Focus on attracting more investment to accelerate EV manufacturing and related industries in Canada, including assembly, parts, machinery, charging equipment, and battery materials extraction/processing with a “Canadian EV Economic Development and Investment Attraction Strategy.” Building these industries will create good sustainable jobs and raise the profile of EVs to further support their adoption in Canada.

24. Focus R&D investment on strategic EV technology

Canada should focus its efforts on accelerating technologies, research, development and manufacturing associated with reducing the costs of vehicle batteries and thus vehicle costs per unit of range. Achieving economies of scale in vehicle, battery and charging infrastructure production will also help to reduce costs for consumers and fleets.

25. Work with provinces to fast-track EV-only service technician training

EVs are far less complicated machines than gas vehicles. Work with provinces to revamp the vehicle mechanic curriculum to prioritize EVs by fast-tracking training for EV mechanics, and provide them with more apprenticeship opportunities.

26. Support retraining programs and help workers make the transition to zero carbon industry.

Building a labor force with the right skills– from engineering and research, electrical and mechanical, charging infrastructure installation, maintenance, and fleet management–will be critical to the success of Canada’s transition to a zero carbon economy. Explore opportunities for the government to support employers, whether traditional industry or all-EV, to train new employees who have not previously worked in the EV industry. Maintain existing funding commitments for training and re-training.

27. Take a North American approach to EV manufacturing and supply chains

Work with the US Administration to ensure that any “Buy America” policies reflect the North American auto market and do not negatively impact Canadian EV businesses or suppliers. Collaborate with the U.S. to build a North American EV industry and supply chain.

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