Policy Details - 2030 Electric Vehicle Strategy and EV Regulation: National ZEV Mandate

18. Adopt a national ZEV Mandate for passenger vehicles requiring 100% ZEV sales by 2030.

A national ZEV mandate will push automakers to introduce more EV makes and models, increasing consumer choice, reducing long wait times for EVs, and improving battery technology to help meet the ever-growing demand for EVs in Canada. It will also help supply EVs across Canada, where currently most EVs available for sale are distributed to the two provinces that already have ZEV Mandates in place: British Columbia and Quebec. Apply the national standard only where provincial standards are weak or do not exist.

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A national ZEV standard will increase consumer choice, reduce wait times for vehicles, reduce vehicle costs, deliver better value for infrastructure programs, attract industrial production, and drive innovation (through longer-range battery technology) to supply ever-growing domestic ZEV demand and achieve ZEV goals. It will also help to level the playing field across Canada. Today, most EV supply goes to the two provinces that already have ZEV standards in place: British Columbia and Quebec. So, Canada should treat a federal ZEV standard as a means of filling in the gaps in ZEV policy across Canada and to ensure that EV supply is available in provinces which have not yet established their own ZEV standards of equal or greater stringency, relative to the federal program.

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