100% electric vehicle sales in Canada. By 2030.

How do we get there?

The 2030 EV Action Plan is an industry-led project of Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) and is intended to ensure Canada succeeds in the transition to electric mobility. The plan consists of six key pillars:

  • 1

    Light-Duty EV Consumer Adoption

    Policy solutions that overcome barriers to consumer EV adoption focus on affordability and value, education and awareness, as well as new polluter-pay funding mechanisms to support their implementation.

  • 2

    Medium, Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Fleet Electrification

    Ideas and solutions to overcome and address the barriers in the fleet and non-passenger segment, including for affordability, the transition of electric public transit and school bus fleets, and actions that government can take at federally-regulated facilities.

  • 3

    National EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan

    Transitioning to electric mobility requires a new way of thinking about the fueling infrastructure of the future: electric vehicle charging. We propose solutions to overcome the challenges of charging in multi-unit buildings, in remote areas, highway-side, and on public lands.

  • 4

    2030 Electric Vehicle Strategy and EV Regulation

    Achieving results will require coordination and strategy – including a focus on overcoming the challenges vehicle availability and supply. We also need to ensure no Canadians are left behind, whether they live in rural or indigenous communities.

  • 5

    Domestic EV Jobs and Manufacturing Capacity

    A Canadian EV Economic Development and Investment Attraction Strategy, focused R&D efforts, and action to protect Canadian industry and workers from foreign buy-domestic rules will help ensure a prosperous transition to an electric mobility economy in Canada.

  • 6

    Federal Leadership

    Government can lead by example and make use of its own facilities, convening ability and internal process to help accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

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